Thursday, 5 July 2012


August 2011, 170 pages
  • Short-listed for the Prix Goncourt 2011
  • Rights sold to Spain and Croatia (Alfa-ZG)
“Did I use my presence in this world fairly?” Trouillot’s new novel asks.

A young western woman, Anaïse, is heading to a small coastal village in Haiti with Thomas, her guide. There she hopes to pick up her father’s trail and finally clear up the mystery of her grandfather’s tragic disappearance.
But Thomas warns her that she might have to give up on such investigations, as the world she will experience is filled with otherness and the joyful dead, a world where laws can be flexible. She will discover a land where the human condition has to reinvent itself indefinitely to face the ferocious appetites of those who claim ownership of a world that belongs to all. Lyonel Trouillot masterfully questions the quirks of fate that make people white or black, powerful or miserable, placing them in the north or south, here or elsewhere. Lyonel Trouillot tells his island through a family affair.
A novelist and a poet, an intellectual and a fervent player on the international French-speaking scene, the author was born in 1956 in Port-au-Prince, where he still lives. His work is published by Editions Actes Sud and his latest novel, YANVALOU POUR CHARLIE, received the Prix Wepler in 2009.
“A humanist and political tale from the masterful Haitian writer Lyonel Trouillot” Livres Hebdo
“Lyonel Trouillot continues to paint the desperate contrasts of his martyred native land in words.” Livres Hebdo